Niles West Distinguished Alumni

Niles West Distinguished Alumnus Award 2020-2021 Nomination

Niles West High School is seeking nominations for the Distinguished Alumnus Award. Nominations shall include supporting documentation about the nominee such as achievements in their field, significant contributions to their community and their association with Niles West.

The Award recipient must attend the Niles West Accolades Ceremony (Virtual or In-Person TBD).

Selection Process:

  1. Achievement in his/her field
  2. Contribution to society
  3. Candidate must have attended a District 219 School for at least 3 years and must have graduated from Niles West.
  4. Appreciation/Influence of Niles West on accomplishments

Please complete the online form:

Niles West Distinguished Alumnus Award 2020-2021 Nomination Form

We will be accepting nominations until February 19, 2021.

* * Distinguished Alum 2020 * *
Megan Goldish, Niles West Class of 1989

Judge Goldish has been an amazing alum who consistently volunteers her time to ensure that the Niles West Mock Trial program is successful. Judge Goldish is a caring individual who is an asset to the Niles West Community as you can see by the various ways she has contributed to the school:

  • Actively has participated with the Niles West Mock Trial team since 2013.
  • Attends meetings to provide assistance with legal terminology and strategy to use during competitions.
  • Provides internship opportunities for Niles West students at the Cook County Courthouse.
  • Provides financial assistance to ensure that members of the Niles West Mock Trial team can attend prestigious camps around the country.
  • Donates money to ensure that the kids can attend out of state competitions.
  • Mentors alums from the team who are planning to attend law school.
  • Actively recruits attorneys to serve as evaluators for the Annual District 219 Mock Trial Invitational at the Skokie Courthouse.
  • Constantly checks up on the teams to ask if we need anything.

Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients 2010 to Present
2019 – Brett Kopf, ’05
2018 – Marcy Lerner Steindler, ’77
2017 – Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow, ’63
2016 – Judge Merrick Garland ’70
2016 – Dr. Robert A. Ganz, ‘72

2015 – Rich Beckman, ’72
2014 – Tom ’86 and Dita, ’86 (Jusufi) Merkel
2013 – Howard Sandroff, ’67
2012 – Dennis Hu, ’07
2011 – Judy Hsu, ’88
2010 – Dr. Steven Dayan, ’85