Niles North Distinguished Alumni

Niles North Distinguished Alumnus Award 2019-2020 Nomination

Niles North High School is seeking nominations for the Distinguished Alumnus award. Nominations shall include supporting documentation about the nominee such as achievements in their field, significant contributions to their community, and their association with Niles North.

The award recipient should attend the Niles North Awards of Distinction Program which will be held in May 2020 at Niles North High School.

Selection is made based on the following criteria:

  1. Graduated from Niles North.
  2. Attended at least three years of high school at a District 219 high school (this can also include Niles East).
  3. Has made a significant contribution to his or her field and/or in the community, and
  4. Had a meaningful experience as a student at Niles North High School.

Please complete the online form:

Niles North Distinguished Alumnus Award 2019-2020 Nomination – NOTE – ONLINE REGISTRATION WILL OPEN IN JANUARY 2020.

If you wish to submit a nomination prior to that date, please submit the nomination by email or mail, to Rosamin Bhanpuri at, or mail it to Rosamin Bhanpuri, Niles Township High School 219, 7700 Gross Point Road, Skokie 60077.

We will be accepting nominations until February 22, 2020.

Distinguished Alumni Awards 1989 to Present

2019 – Jose Moreno, ‘02

Picture of Jose Moreno

Jose Moreno graduated from Niles North in 2002.  During his time at Niles North and in the years since, he has had a passion to help others, and a great sense of pride in his school and his community.

Jose started with Special Olympics Illinois in 2009 as a competitor in basketball. He was victorious in other sports as well: floor hockey, golf, bocce, softball, volleyball, and his current favorite–bowling.  Jose has served as a Global Messenger for Special Olympics Illinois since 2011.  The program allows Special Olympics Illinois athletes to share their story with the community. Jose has delivered speeches on behalf of Special Olympics, appeared on television and given radio interviews, as well as making many public appearances as a Global Messenger.

Jose served as the 2017 Duck Ambassador for the 12th annual Chicago Ducky Derby, one of the major fundraisers for Special Olympics Illinois. He was the face of the event, and worked tirelessly to support the event. Currently, Jose is the Law Enforcement Torch Run Athlete Liaison. This event is the single largest year-round fundraising vehicle benefiting Special Olympics Illinois. In his role as liaison, Jose works with law enforcement officers around the state to raise funds and awareness in support of Special Olympics. He also is a member of the Special Olympics U.S. Athlete Input Council. Jose said, “I am honored and humbled to receive the 2019 Distinguished Alumnus Award. It means so much to me to be recognized for my talents beyond my disability.  I am so proud that I am teaching other students that your disability does not stop you from following your dreams, including applying for the Distinguished Alumnus Award.

2018 – Gregg Fleisher
2017 – Dr. Mark Rasenick, ’67

2016 – Marina Pazin, ‘00
2015 – Maxine Winer, ’79
2014 – Julie Smolyansky, ’93
2013 – David Ko, ’97
2012 – Dr. Michael Ruchim, ’72
2011 – Michael Kim, ’74
2010 – Dean Klassman, ’74
2009 – Pankaj Sharma, ’98
2008 – David Walton, ’94
2007 – Marc Silverman, ’89
2006 – Ross Deutsch, ’79
2005 – Carrie Hightman, ’75
2004 – Paul Toback, ’81
2003 – David Rosengard, ’70
2002 – Michael Jay Margules, ’78
2001 – Lynn Schreiber Price , ’73
“I was honored as a Distinguished alum several years back. Very touching. Most wonderful moment was I didn’t realize it was being televised on the local TV station. In my acceptance speech, I talked about three NN teachers who made a difference in my life. Turns out one of their friends was watching the show, called her, and subsequently I received a letter from her. Wonderful to be able to say thank you so many years later. “. Lynn (Schreiber) Price, -73
2000 – Marc Schulman, ’72
1999 – Howard Friend, ’69
1998 – The Hon. Louis Lang, ’67
1997 – Edie Turovitz Kasten, ’75
1996 – Michael Krasny, ’71
1995 – Jay Footlik, ’83
1994 – Allen Sutker & Mark Polinsky, ’79
1993 – Neal Sabin, ’74
1992 – Irene Suzukida, ’70
1991 – Capt. Daniel L. Ley, ’77
1990 – Paul Lisnek, ’76
1989 – Dr. Steven Gitelis, ’69