Niles East High School 1938 - 1980

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Niles Township Community High School  opened in 1938 for the students of Morton Grove, Golf, Lincolnwood, Niles and Skokie.  It became known as Niles East when Niles West, which opened in September 1958, completed its transition to a four-year high school.  Declining enrollment necessitated the closing of Niles East and the school's final year was in 1979-80.

  • The crest for Niles Township High School was created in 1952.  The crest is composed of five symbols, each representing an ideal:  the lamp of learning, the crown of character, the scales of justice, the chevron of service and the hands of friendship.  The symbols are united to show the different facets of school life.
  • The school year book was called Reflections.
  • The school colors were gold and blue.
  • The literary magazine was called the Golden Galleon.
  • The Nilehilite was the name of the school newspaper.
  • The Niles East building is now gone (only the courtyard flagpole remains), though parts of the school will live on in celluloid.  Scenes in "Sixteen Candles" and "Risky Business" were filmed at the school.

The original 1939 school song:

"As years may come and years may go,
Deep in our hearts we'll always know:
That there's only one real high school
And so we sing anew:
We love you, Gold and Blue!"

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