Technology Committee for School Improvement (TCSI)

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The Technology Committee for School Improvement (TCSI) is the formalization of a pre-existing technology advisory group formerly known as TAG (Technology Advisory Group).  Administrative Procedure 2:150R1 calls for the continuous evaluation of District 219’s Technology Plan set forth by the technology planning committee in January 2001. Therefore, a formal Technology Committee for School Improvement should be established whose goal in part should be to contribute to the ongoing improvement of the District’s Technology Plan.

For questions about TCSI, please contact:
Philip Hintz, Chief Technology Officer
[email protected]

About TCSI


Mission: The purpose of this committee is to encourage and elicit support from teachers, students, support staff, parents and others from the community to review, evaluate and recommend changes to how technology is used and implemented in District 219.

This forum should provide for the continuous dialogue between the stakeholders (as defined in the State’s Technology Blueprint) and the technology department, the evaluation of new technologies and future direction and most importantly the continued advocacy for District 219’s Technology Plan.

TCSI Handbook


Topic Description of Topic Timeline
Technology Plan Develop and revise the District's Technology Plan for recommendation to the Board. Every three years
Technology Standards Review, evaluate and make recommendations to the PDSI Committee regarding technology standards for teachers; to the CSSI Committee regarding technology standards for students; and to the Superintendent regarding technology standards for administrators. Every three years or as needed
Professional Development Review, evaluate and make recommendations to the PDSI Committee and the Professional Development Centers regarding professional development activities in the District relating to technology. Every year
Technical Support Generate, review and evaluate proposals to improve technical support and make recommendations to the Director of Technology, the Superintendent and the Board of Education. Every year
Teacher Requests for Technology Review and evaluate requests for technology to ensure they are aligned with the goals and vision of the technology plan, and make recommendations for implementation. Every year

SY 22/23 Meeting Times

Date Location
Monday, October 30, 2023 Niles North
Monday, December 18,2023 Virtual
Monday, February 12, 2023 Bridges
Monday, March 11, 2023 Virtual
 Wednesday, May 8, 2023 (Last Meeting of the Year) Niles West

SY 22/23 TCSI Members

Name Building Role / Term
Ken Durr Board of Education Board of Education Representative
Open Board of Education Board of Education Representative
Gonzales, Christine District Asst. Supt. of Curriculum and Instruction
Barton, Robert Niles North North Faculty
Beeftink, Michael Niles North North Faculty
Comstock, Anthony Niles West West Faculty
Edwards, Joseph Niles West NTFT
Fahrenbacher, Matthew Niles West West Faculty
Hintz, Philip District Chief Technology Officer
Irizarry, Gricelydis District Executive Assistant & Project Supervisor, Technology
Kim, Jerry Niles North North Faculty
Lacey, Philip District Director of IT Service Management
Lander, Steven Niles West West Faculty
Niles North Student Representative (2) Niles North North Student Representative
Niles West Student Representative (2) Niles West West Student Representative
Powell, Chris Niles North Building Administration
Rivas, Kim District Innovation & Professional Learning Director
Open Niles West Building Administration
Scholl, Ryan Niles West Service Center
Sihweil, Abraham Niles North Support Staff Representative
Zbinden, Beverly Niles North North Faculty