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Chicago History




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General Reference




Academic/Scholarly Articles

Begin your research by finding background or overview articles on your topic




  • Also a source of primary articles


  • Also a source of primary articles

Primary sources are records or artifacts created at the time of an event (or created later by witnesses or participants). They provide first-hand accounts or direct evidence of a period in history.

Letters, manuscripts, diaries, journals, newspapers, speeches, interviews, memoirs, oral histories, government documents, photographs, maps, audio or video recordings, works of art, music, buildings, tools, weapons


  • 1986-present

Proquest Historical Newspapers

  • Chicago Tribune 1849-1986
  • Chicago Defender 1909-1975

Library of Congress

Historical Newspapers

A scholarly article is based on original research and is written by a researcher or expert in the field.  Most scholarly writing includes footnotes and/or a bibliography and may include graphs or charts as illustrations as opposed to glossy pictures. In addition, articles are subject to a peer-review process, which means that other "experts" or specialist in the field evaluate the quality and originality of the research as precondition of publication.






History and Culture

Encyclopedia of Chicago  

  • Published by the Chicago History Museum, this searchable website contains thousands of historical resources, including articles, maps, broadsides, and newspapers (the print version of this resource is located on the Chicago History cart in the IRC).


Chicago History Museum: Online Sources 

  • Resources available online, including Chicago Daily News photographs from 1902 - 1933, resources on Chicago architecture and building, History Fair resources, and online exhibitions.


Chicago History Museum: The History Files

  • Webpages on "Al Capone", "The Chicago Fire", "The World's Columbian Exhibition" "The Pullman Era", "The Stockyards, A Century in Progress", "Parades, Protests, and Politics in Chicago", and "The Black Sox."


Chicago Timeline

  • A chronological Listing of Events in Chicago History (with links to resources) from the Chicago Public Library. 


Deaths, Disturbances, Disasters, and Disorders in Chicago

  • A timeline of tragedies (with links to resources) from the Chicago Public Library.  


Chicago History

  • Resources from the Chicago Public Library.


Photographs from the Chicago Daily News

  • A searchable collection of over 55,000 photographs taken for the Chicago Daily News from 1902 to 1933. 


Chicago Area Archivists

  • An online directory of archives, repositories, libraries, and offices in the Chicago area that contain historical records. 


The Great Chicago Fire

  • A digital exhibition created by the Chicago History Museum (formerly known as the Chicago Historical Society) and Northwestern University.


Homicide in Chicago 1870 - 1930

  •  A project of the Northwestern University School of Law. 


Jazz Age Chicago: Urban Leisure from 1893 to 1945

  • Information on "the everyday social and cultural experiences of Chicagoans during, for the most part, the 1920s and 1930s."


Images from UIC Library Collections

  • Digital photographs from the library of University of Illinois at Chicago.


Urban Experience in Chicago: Hull House and Its Neighborhoods, 1889 - 1963

  • A Website created at the University of Illinois at Chicago and sponsored by the College of Architecture and the Arts and the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum. It includes primary source documents, historic photographs, and scholarly essays.



The Chicago Architecture Imagebase: An Era-By-Era Collection of Images

  • A project of the Department of Art History, The University of Illinois, Chicago.


Chicago Imagebase

  • A project of the University of Illinois in Chicago "aimed at enhancing knowledge about the built environment of the Chicago region."


Landmark Chicago: The City of Modern Architecture

  •  A list, created by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, of what it considers to be "the most impressive masterpieces of Chicago Architecture from 1850 to the present." 

The Chicago Architects Oral History Project  

  • A project of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Photographs of Chicago Architecture

  • Contemporary architectural photographs of the Loop and the South Side.

Chicago Landmarks 

  • Interactive information on Chicago landmarks by the City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development.


Lincoln Park Architectural Photographs

  • A project by DePaul University Libraries of architectural photographs of 200 historic homes in Chicago's Lincoln Park community. 


From Louis Sullivan to SOM: Boston Grads Go to Chicago  

  • A project by Massachusetts Institute of Technology that, "examines the significant contributions Boston architects, particularly those from MIT, made towards affecting change in architectural design and practice in Chicago during the late 19th and early 20th centuries."

Louis Sullivan at 150: Celebrating 150 Years of Louis Sullivan

  • This Chicago History Museum website provides an extensive overview of Louis Sullivan's life and career. 



Chicago Anarchists on Trial: Evidence from the Haymarket Affair, 1886-1887

  • This Library of Congress collection includes over 3,800 images of original manuscripts, broadsides, photographs, prints and artifacts relating to the Haymarket Affair.

The Dramas of Haymarket

  • A project by the Chicago Historical Society and Northwestern University which examines and interprets materials from the Chicago Historical Society's Haymarket Affair Digital Collection.

Illinois Labor History Society

  • This website sponsored by The Center for Law and Computers at Chicago-Kent College of Law contains resources about Illinois labor history.

The Labor Trail

  • Created by the Chicago Center for Working-Class Studies, this website has information on 140 significant locations in the history of labor, migration, and working-class culture in Chicago and Illinois.