Ancient China PowerPoint

       Ancient China

China's Geography


1.   Locate these Regions on a Map


                   -Tibetean Plateau

                   -Yangtze River


                   -Great Wall of China


Between these two maps, you will be
able to locate all five required regions
(Beijing will be labeled as "Peking").


Physical Map

Political Map


2.   What features isolated China from the rest of Eurasia?



Use the online enyclopedias to answer questions 3 through 14.

(Click on the images to open the encyclopedias)



3. Why does China’s population live in the eastern part of China?

  • Search for "China" in World Book and look at the "Introduction" section


4. What did the mandate of heaven state. Why would a dynasty end?

  • Search for "mandate of heaven" in Britannica and open the "tianming" article


5. What were the teachings of Confucius concerned with?

  • Search for "Confucius" in either encyclopedia


6. Who was the Civil service exam in China used for?

  • Search for "Chinese civil service" in Britannica


7. What was the Open Door Policy?  What did it create?  Spheres of Influence

  • Search for "open door policy" in Britannica


8. Who was leader of Nationalist army? What was the Long March? Results of Long March?   Who did the Communist and Nationalists team up to fight with during World War II?

  • Using the World Book "China" article, look in the "History" section

  •  You can also search in Britannica for "Nationalist Party" and "Long March"

9. What is communism? How is it set up?

  • Search for "communism" in World Book


10. Why did the Communists win the Chinese Revolution? What happened to nationalists after Communist Revolution? Where did they go?

  • Search for "cultural revolution" in either encyclopedia


11. What economic policies set up by Mao were harmful? What were results of Great Leap Forward?

  • Search for "great leap forward" in Britannica


12. Who were the Red Guards?

  • Search for "red guards" in Britannica


13. What was propaganda? What types of propaganda were used by Mao?

  • Search for "propaganda" in World Book

  • Search for "Mao Zedong" in Britannica and using the blue Encyclopedia
    Britannica article
    , look at "The Communists & Nationalists" section

  • Search for "propaganda" in Britannica and using the green Compton's
     article, look at the "Totalitarian States" section


14. What did Deng do to crack down against democracy movements?

  • Search for "Deng Xiaoping" in either encyclopedia