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Driving Directions




Door hold open devices:

Classrooms ‑ Hold‑ Open Devices are prohibited on all doors described as "self‑ closing."  Please remove all door stoppers and the like.

Door windows & door side windows:

Side windows next to doors to classrooms and offices, and the windows in office doors cannot be covered. Please remove all paper or other items covering these windows.

Furniture requests:

All furniture requests need to be approved and processed through Keith Robinson’s office. Regardless of type of furniture- desk, file cabinet, storage cabinet, chair. Same applies to purchasing a new piece of "furniture.”


We recycle cardboard therefore if you have boxes to dispose of please break them down and leave them by your garbage can.

Larger, heavier items such as furniture, wood, scrap metal, etc. contact us to remove them

The Recycling Club recycles a number of items, please contact Arlene Sagan for details.

Pest Management:

Scheduled 2x per month

Whiteboard maintenance:

*Wait for marker to completely dry on whiteboard surface before trying to erase otherwise will smear 

*Please erase your work at the end of the day.  

*Please contact B&G to provide appropriate erasers for classroom whiteboards. 

Masking Tape:

When you need to hang or post paper or notes on doors or walls please use Masking tape.  It is strong enough to get the job done without the harmful pulling of wall & door finishes like Scotch tape does


Room windows should remain shut at all times since the building environment is maintained through our HVAC system providing heat during the winter months and air conditioning during the summer months.