Important Events - May 2015


The students at Niles Central will be taking their final exams on May 24th and 25th.   If your child is sick on either of those dates, you must call (847) 626-3121 by 1pm for the absence to be excused.  If your child was ill, he/she will be allowed to take the final exams between 8am and 12pm on May 26th


Dismissals will occur by 1:20 pm daily.  Students who complete exams early will be dismissed when their exams are completed.


Normal transportation will be provided on May 24th and 25th.  There will be no transportation on May 26th.  If your child needs to make up the exams, please call (847) 626-3121 to arrange transportation.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (847) 626-3120.






Anne Hellmer, Ed.S., NCSP

Director, Niles Central




Niles Central Semester 2 Finals Schedule 2015-16


Tues 5/24

Wed 5/25

Thurs 5/26


1st Period

6th Period

Extended time/Makeup


2nd Period

7th Period

Extended time/Makeup


3rd Period

8th Period

Extended time/Makeup


Lunch Break

Extended time/Makeup

Extended time/Makeup


4th Period

Extended time/Makeup

Extended time/Makeup

*Students taking classes at main building will take those finals at Niles Central.

*All student cell phones will be collected at security checkpoint.

*Lunch will be provided on Wednesday only.



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