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Exploring Mathematics on the World Wide Web

The following WWW addresses are locations which use and apply mathematics on the Internet. The locations have been categorized into areas related to communication, interactive sites, downloadable programs, accessing data, resources database, and miscellaneous fun. To view an activity, click on its corresponding address.

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Name Location (URL)
Ask Dr. Math
Math Forum Tapped In
Davea Career Center
Math Magic




Interactive Sites

Name Location (URL)
Wolfram Alpha

fractal activities
Pizza server
pizza activity (gr 9-12)
Cereal box problem
Birthday problem
Monty Hall problem 
Buffon's Needle
Approximation of Pi
The Living Mathematics Project http://SunSITE.UBC.CA/LivingMathematics/V001N01/UBCExamples/java.html
Fractions thru geometry
Fraction activity
Interactive mathematics miscellany and puzzles
Nim activity (sequences)
Master Tools at the Shodor Foundation
Activities at the Shodor Foundation
Quia! Math Games (middle school)
JavaSketchPad (Geometer's SketchPad)
The Integrator (Mathematica)
Statistics 100
Graphing Vector Calculator
Virtual Reality: Modeling with Math, and a little Java
Virtual Sound Waves
The Diet Problem (Linear Programming)
The Math Probe tools (K-8)




Downloadable Programs

Name Location (URL)
Geometers' SketchPad archive AND
TI calculator programs and activities
Buffon's Needle (approximation of Pi)
Fastball Fractions
Mathematica WAVE project
Linear Regression
(Excel template)
Chi-Square (Excel template)
Mathematical software index
The Image Warper
World Series Problem




Accessing Data

Name Location (URL)
Automobile blue book
car project (grades 6-12) AND
Daily Weather Reports
temperature project (gr. 5-9)
Sports scores and statistics OR
Stock reports
stock project OR
Population (US census)
Population (World Fact Book)
Descriptive statistics activity




 Resources Database

Name Location (URL)
The Math Forum
K-12 Lesson Database
Mega Math
Cynthia Lanius's Internet projects
Suzanne Alejandre's Internet projects
Math Forum Internet projects
Maths Net (from the U.K.)
Online Math Applications
FHS Precalculus study page
Math dictionary/encyclopedia
History of mathematics AND
Biographies of Women Mathematicians
Natural Math
Goudreau Museum of Mathematics in Art & Science
Casio calculator activities




Miscellaneous Fun

Name Location (URL)
metacrawler search engines
Magic Square
Escher's art museum
Harper's Magazine
Math Land