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Title II and Title IX Contacts

The below staff members have been designated to coordinate the District efforts to comply with and carry out District responsibilities under the above titles. Please call the appropriate number listed below if you suspect a violation.


Math Team

Both the Niles North Math Team and the Niles West Math Team compete throughout the school year in

Math Department Faculty

Niles North High School Mathematics Faculty

Sarah Barney



Suzanne Bohigian

Mathematics - Web Links


Exploring Mathematics on the World Wide Web

The following WWW addresses are locations which use and apply mathematics on the Internet. The locations have been categorized into areas related to communication, interactive sites, downloadable programs, accessing data, resources database, and miscellaneous fun. To view an activity, click on its corresponding address.

Mathematics - Student and Parent Resources

Click these links for information...



District 219 Programs

Services Offered


Least Restrictive Environments

The goal of the special education program is to place the students in the least restrictive environment. The order of these interventions moves from the least restrictive to the most restrictive learning environments based on the individual student needs. 


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