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Annual Review of Programs

2015-2016 Annual Review of Programs and Personnel
2015-2016 Annual Review of Programs and Personnel FEEDBACK

Your Tax Calculator

ADHD demo

ADHD video with alternate name slide


Social Studies Learning Targets

Global Studies

Western Civilization

Honors Western Civilization

US History

Honors US History


Online Payment for Lunch Card

How do I make a credit card prepayment over the Internet to fill my students lunch card?

1. Go to the D219 Webstore (http://d219.revtrak.net/tek9.asp)

2. Click on your student’s school (Niles North or Niles West)


Google Apps Transfer

  1. Transfer Google Apps email
    1. move your emails (that you want to save) to another account by following the instructions on this link: http://www.dataliberation.org/google/gmail 

Creating a D219 Webstore Account

How to create an account in the D219 Webstore (revtrak)


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