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Infinite Campus Redirect



Infinite Campus & Campus Portal are currently unavailable for use.


Expected completion time for this scheduled maintenance project is 5:00 PM on Thursday, July 7th.



Portal to iVisions Redirect

My D219 Portal


The employee portal has been moved to the iVisions Portal: Click here




If you have questions, please call Human Resources at x3411





Parent Portal - Activation Key





How To Rerieve Your Activation Key Online 


Online Registration

The online registration form is now closed.


To register your incoming freshman or a new student transfer, please call and make an appointment with Susan O'Malley at (847) 626-3994.


Thank you!

Test - General Page

This is a general web page for testing.



ILP Portal Redirect

To access the ILP, please login to Infinite Campus.


Once you are logged in, follow these steps:

  1. Search for a student. 
  2. Index tab
  3. Student Information
  4. General
  5. Now click on the ILP tab


Seal of Biliteracy

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