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Social Studies North


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Social Studies

2015-2019 Strategic Plan

District 219 – Niles Township High Schools; Showing the Nation that Public Schools Work

Approved March 10, 2014



The purpose of District 219 is to provide an equitable, student-focused learning environment where every student graduates prepared and ready for college.

Comparison of Swivl vs Vixia for classroom recording

These videos were recorded with side-by-side cameras. Please watch the clips all the way through to see how view differs as the teacher walks around the room.


On the left: Vixia camera with wide-angle lens.

On the right: iPod Touch mounted on Swivl base.


Teacher was wearing standard microphone for Vixia and "Marker" device for Swivl.

The Marker is a microphone and tracking device, so the camera can pan and tilt to follow the teacher.


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